Technology Responsible Use Agreement

Last Updated: 2016-08-14

SCIS and HIS is proud to offer services and resources aimed towards better facilitating student learning through the use of technology integration. The purpose of these shared resources at SCIS and HIS is to directly strengthen curriculum and enhance communication. The following is only a short list of only a few of our services and resources:

  • Each campus has a designated Tech Coordinator, Help Desk Tech Aids, as well as an onsite certified Apple repair technicians
  • Microsoft Office365 with provides access to online Outlook (email), Word, PowerPoint, Excel and unlimited storage and file sharing with OneDrive for Business
  • World-class curriculum enhancement subscriptions such as IXL Math, Learning A-Z, BrainPop, etc.
  • Research Databases such as JStore, QuestiaSchools, WebPath Express and Encyclopedia Britannica
  • Blogging, podcasting, website hosting tools for students and  teachers
  • Student and teacher local file sharing servers
  • A high-speed wireless environment for bandwidth and internal network access
  • VPN Network for all to have open access to resources around the world
  • Use of interactive devices such as iPads, iPods, SmartBoards, and classroom projectors
  • Access to a personal computer for each faculty member as well as for each student grades 6-12 (referred to as our 1:1 Program)
  • Laptop carts as well as other accessible devices throughout our primary grades and upper schools
  • Follow-me printing with individual print accounts for easy printing and copying
  • Centralized device management for all SCIS and HIS owned devices – providing ease of system updates, software installations, and security and grade appropriate restrictions

This Technology Responsible Use Agreement is designed to provide balanced guidelines for all users on our school network and equipment (both personal and school–owned). All network users, including faculty, staff and students, will be held accountable to this agreement. Violations can result in disciplinary action and limited privileges for network resources.

Network Usage

SCIS and HIS together is continuously trying to improve its network environment to be optimized for high transfer speeds and easy access. It is important that users acknowledge each person is responsible for how they use the network including storage servers.

  • All users of SCIS-HIS internet services will refrain from video chatting and texting during the school day. (e.g. Skype, Messages, WeChat, Facetime, MSN Messenger, etc.) unless allowed by a direct authority for academic purposes.
  • Refrain from trading/downloading non-academic files over the school’s network.
  • Non-academic files (personal photos, music, movies, games, etc.) on the school servers is not allowed.
  • The use of personal hotspots or cellular portable routers are not permitted at any time as they interfere with our wireless environment.
  • Refrain from any activity such as streaming videos, music, and/or online gaming that require high bandwidth. Instead the user will be conscientious of others and realize bandwidth and network traffic is a shared and valuable resource which requires all users to be respectful of one another at all times.
  • During school hours, access only appropriate sites that are deemed acceptable by the teacher.

Use of Personal Devices or Electronics

  • In order to model appropriate use, whenever possible, staff should refrain from using personal electronic devices for non academic use during contact time with students. However students should always seek permission prior to use of personal devices.
  • The school reserves the right to temporarily detain any school devices or students' personal devices that are being subjected to inappropriate use.
  • Personal devices are only allowed on our school's Guest network. This includes personal laptops, tablets, smartphones, or any other devices that might require wifi (be reminded that personal laptops are not allowed for students - only school issued laptops).
  • Staff are required to use a school provided laptop as their main laptop for instructional purposes. These will be the only laptops that are connected to the school “staff” network and services. In an instance where a teacher views their personal device as more suitable for instructional purposes, they may request for this device to be given access to the school “staff” network and services. The schools technology department reserves the right to refuse any personal device access to these services at any time. A waver may need to be signed insuring that the teacher will abide by all expectations of the user agreement.


Each campus is well equipped with printer/copiers throughout the buildings. New students receive 50 RMB as an initial allowance and then need to add recharge their accounts as needed. Teachers receive 200 RMB a month and may carry over their balance year to year. All faculty accounts are reset at the top of a school year. Requests for more funds need to be approved by campus admin before Finance or the Tech Department are allowed to assist. Remember to conserve and protect natural resources by only printing when necessary.

Checking Out Tech Resources

SCIS-HIS has a variety of tech resources that may be checkout through our Tech Department. These include, laptops, DSLR camera equipment, video recorders, and recording equipment. It is important that

  • Take responsibility for and report any damages when using all school-owned electronic resources.
  • Please keep food and drink away from school-owned electronic equipment.
  • Observe the due date for when material should be returned. As many of these are a shared resource, returning them late can affect another person.
  • Keep school tech equipment (laptops, cameras, etc.) in a safe place. For students this would be in their locker when not in use and for faculty stowing issued items locked up in their desk or cabinet.
  • Double check all parts, such as lens caps, SD cards, and straps are returned with the camera
  • Before coming to the Tech office, please delete all footage from cameras and logout of computers securely before turning them in.
  • Report any problems noticed to the IT office with equipment returned immediately.

1:1 Laptop Program

General Understanding

The school will issue a laptop and a power supply to users at the start of the year.

  • Laptops are school-owned so we can provide site-licensed software, a consistent environment, equality in hardware, and allows utilization of important device management software.
  • Only SCIS-HIS school issued laptops may be used at school by students.
  • Our 1:1 Program extends through 6-12 grade and for all full-time faculty members.

Warranties,Damages, and Repairs

  • The user is responsible for providing oversight and care for the issued laptop.
  • Should always be in good working order  – security, cleanliness and usability. Any known damage is to be reported to the Technical Support Staff immediately for repairs.
  • The school maintains Apple’s warranties on all devices and exclusively oversees all repairs, whether accidental or due to defective parts.
  • The school will cover all costs for repair and labor on issues that would normally be covered under Apple’s factory warranty or AppleCare.
  • The user bears all responsibility for any damage, loss or theft of the school issued laptop and is responsible for paying the full cost of repairs or replacement, regardless of who was at fault.
  • The user has 10 days to pay for repairs once the issue is identified by the Tech Support Staff.
  • A loaner may be issued to the user while the laptop is being repaired. Payment for any repairs, that the user is responsible for, must be paid prior to starting the repairs.

Daily Usage and Data Prevention

  • The user will engage in ethical, legal, and responsible use of technology.
  • The language of the laptop should be set to English during school hours.
  • Sound of the laptops should be muted to avoid disruptions during class and at school.
  • Gaming and/or downloading of torrents are not allowed at anytime on school laptops.
  • Parents are encouraged to supervise proper usage of laptops at home.
  • The user will recharge the laptop at home each night, ready for the next school day. Only one charger will be issued per user and extra chargers will not be loaned. Users may leave their laptops for charging at the IT Help Desk as needed.
  • The user may personalize the laptop as long as such personalization is NOT permanent. i.e. by adding keyboard covers, adding an external removable cover.
  • Placing stickers on top of a removable cover is allowed but stickers on the actual laptop is not allowed.
  • Removal of keys from the keyboard or placing decorative stickers on top of the keyboard is not allowed.
  • Students should safely store their issued laptop in their locked locker or carry it in their bag for safety and protection. It should never be laying around unattended to while on campus.
  • The user is responsible for backing up of data at all times. OneDrive through Office365 is provided to all users for easy and unlimited storage. A personal external hard-drive is also recommended.
  • In the event of hard drive failure, accidental deletion of files, theft or loss, SCIS-HIS bears no responsibility for the lost data and offers no compensation or insurance for data recovery.

Administrative Rights and Access

  • Student and faculty will not have administrative control of their school issued laptop.
  • The laptop is in the care of the user for educational use regardless if at school or elsewhere.
  • All laptops are subject to remote access while on our school network by IT Support Staff for purposes of helpdesk support. User will be notified prior to access. Teachers and admin will be allowed to monitor conduct of students through remote access.
  • Passwords are to be used for personal and system-wide security. They are meant to be kept private and should be changed frequently. IT Support Department reserves the right to know user’s passwords for necessary access and/or assistance.
  • Users are restricted from downloading software or performing upgrades. This is intentional to maintain consistency throughout our system of schools and insure optimal quality. Alternatively, users may only install software via the SCIS-HIS Kiosk. Only school-approved and legally obtained software will be placed in the Kiosk.  Requests for what is available in the Kiosk may be formally requested through the Tech Department for approval.
  • Updates for the system as well as applications will be pushed to the users device remotely.
  • Upgrades, modifications or installation of operating systems are prohibited (including dual boot unless authorized and installed by the Tech Department).
  • Users are not permitted to open, change or tamper with any parts on the school’s laptop.
  • The school reserves the right to remove inappropriate files, unauthorized user accounts or applications, without the consent of the user.
  • Personal VPN’s are not allowed to be used during school hours. Instead the school provides a VPN network for all to use to for necessary access. Personal VPN’s degrade our network access and bandwidth while creating other technical complications for the user.*

Returning, Re-issuing, and Refresh of Laptops

  • All Laptops are collected at the end of each year and in general, users will be reissued the same laptop the following year. It is the users responsibility to backup all data before turning in the laptop and it is not the responsibility of the IT Support Staff to transfer back needed files.
  • Grade 11 students, as well as returning faculty, may request the laptop for summer use. Subsequently, laptops must be handed in within the first week of returning to school for maintenance and reimaging.
  • The user will return the laptop and charger if they depart during the year or will be subject to a NRF (Non-Return Fee).

*Non-Return Fee is for special circumstances that prevent users from returning school issued devices due to unpredictable situations. The fee for not returning a device is equal to the current market value for the same or equal model. As the school would need to replace this device, depreciation on the device will not be considered (i.e. if a laptop is in it’s third year and the current market value as per the products website is 8900RMB, the fee will be equal to this price). All inquires are to be directed through the campus Tech Coordinator and reviewed by the Director of Technology on a case by case basis.

  • On occasion the school will offer an opportunity for anyone in the SCIS-HIS community to purchase out-of-date computers for a reasonable price. This community sale will be advertised in advanced and will be on a first come first serve bases based on available stock.
  • SCIS-HIS is committed to providing a positive experience throughout our 1:1 Program. For this reason, SCIS-HIS is adopting a refresh approach to replenishing devices. Essentially, 1:1 devices operate on a rotational cycle. Every three to years’ new stock will be purchased all at once. The year the stock is purchased is referred to as a “refresh” year. Faculty and staff participating in the 1:1 Program will follow this refresh cycle regardless of the users’ entry or exit. At the end of a full  three year cycle, all devices simultaneously will be shifted out of our 1:1 Program and into laptop carts, classrooms, and other  uses.

Expectations of Norms and Behaviors for Our Community

What does it mean to be a good and safe digital citizen? Respect Myself. I will show respect for myself through my actions. I will select online names that are appropriate; I will consider the information and images that I post online. I will consider what personal information about my life, experiences, experimentation or relationships I post. I will not be obscene. I recognize that personal information posted online is both public and permanent and could tarnish ones’ digital reputation.

Protect Myself. I will ensure that the information, images and materials I post online will not put me at risk. I will not publish my personal details, contact details, or a schedule of my activities. I will report any attacks or inappropriate behavior directed at me. I will protect passwords, accounts, and resources.

Respect Others. I will not use electronic mediums to spam, flame, bully, harass, or stalk other people. I will show respect for other people in my choice of websites. I will not visit sites that are degrading, pornographic, racist or inappropriate. I will not abuse my rights of access and I will not enter other people’s private spaces or areas. I understand that school resources are for learning purposes alone. I will not open, copy, change, delete or damage others information without their permission.

Protect Others. I will protect others by reporting abuse, not forwarding inappropriate materials or communications; and by not visiting sites that are degrading, pornographic, racist or inappropriate.

Respect Intellectual Property. I will request permission to use resources. I will suitably cite any and all use of websites, books, media, etc. I will validate information.

Protect Intellectual Property. I will request to use the software and media others produce. I will use free and open source alternatives rather than pirating software. I will purchase, license and register all software. I will purchase my music and media, and refrain from distributing these in a manner that violates their licenses. I will act with integrity.

Consequences of Misuse

Inappropriate use of SCIS-HIS resources (including but not limited to items discussed above) will have violated theSCIS-HIS’ Tech Responsible Use Agreement.  Violation of the stated policies will be result in:

  • 1st Offence: Warning to user. User will be told to stop using the resource or will have restricted or limited access temporarily enforced.
  • 2nd Offence: For students, a note will be filed in the student’s permanent student record and an email will be sent to both parents regarding the offence. For faculty, administration will be notified. Stricter access to resources will be enforced.
  • 3rd Offence: The user will be required to stop using all related tech resources and alternative arrangements will need to be made with administration. For students, parents will be required to come in and discuss alternative arrangements and plan of action. For faculty, this will be dealt with on a case by case basis with administrations involvement.

*Cases of gross violation of this User Agreement may result directly in automatic 3rd Offence consequences.

Both parents and student signatures are required.

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